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Welcome to the Hub, the first real estate transaction management system designed by Agents and built for Agents. It's a central place to manage your Leads, Contacts, Buyers and Listings. It handles your tasks and keeps you, your team and your clients on-track.
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Intuitive task management

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows, saving you time.

So much of an agents' day is driven by conditional events, e.g. if this happens, execute this task. For example, When I get a listing, order the sign and key box and schedule pictures. The Hub automates these workflows for you, creating a series of tasks for you and your team when important events for a buyer or seller occur. Nothing falls through the cracks and your clients will appreciate your attention to detail.

Paperless Offers

Receive offers on listings electronically, cutting the workload in half.

The Hub's comprehensive offer management system allows you to receive offers on your listings electronically, cutting the workload for both you and the buyer's agent in half. You can extend counteroffers, call for Highest and Best, and drive price for your clients, all with the click of a button. The Hub's Offer Comparison Matrix allows you and your seller to evaluate the details of each offer side-by-side, saving you time and leading to better decisions.

Keep in Touch

Push Notifications, Reminders and Status Updates to all involved.

Sent directly to buyers, sellers, other agents, title, escrow and attorneys. Instead of spending time "keeping everyone in the loop" you're free to do other, more important things like closing deals.

Email templates and tracking

The Hub saves the emails you write a lot as reusable templates, and they’re shared across your team. They have your logo, build your brand and tell your story. This is the white glove service that delivers on the promise you make to your clients.

You can easily track case emails from any application with a simple BCC to the Hub, and your team can also email clients from within the Hub and the message will be attached to the history.

All activity, all in one place

All activity for every buyer, seller and contact is stored in the Hub, allowing you to know exactly what's been done and when. Customizable checklists for buyers and sellers ensure everything is covered off and nothing slips through the cracks.

The Hub also stores all documents related to a client in one central location, allowing everyone on your team to access to the critical information they need when they need it.

TheHub is more than just software, it's a community

You become part of a community of like-minded real estate professionals all working toward a common goal.

Monthly Virtual Meetups

Join sessions to discuss innovations
you'll enjoy in upcoming releases

Communicate With Peers

Benefit from the great ideas of other
agents that have similar challenges

You Shape the System

Share what's working (and what isn't)
directly with the development team

Take your clients to the cloud

No Software to Install

The Hub is a cloud-based application, and it works just as well on your mobile phone as it does on your desktop computer.

Membership is Simple

There are four levels to choose from, they're designed to fit teams of all sizes, and you can cancel at any time.

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